Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo


National Museums of 21st Century Arts

A place where visual arts, performance, photographs, and architecture live together.

Town: L'Aquila

The Oriental Museum - Tagliacozzo

A nook dedicated to the east

Opened in 1968, the museum displays an important collection of Egyptian and Ethiopians icons, coins, stamps, votive offerings, Byzantian icons, sacred decors from Middle East, and many other archeological findings.

Town: Tagliacozzo

Man and nature museum - Magliano

MUN - A Museum Dedicate To Humankind And Nature

The goal is to sensitize teens and children toward the preservation of the territory, landscape, animals and plants.

Town: Magliano de' Marsi

Il Museo della Baronia - Santo Stefano Di Sessanio

The Museum dedicated to the territory

A museum full of visual panels displaying the thousand-year old history of a district - the Terre della Baronia district - rich of environmental, cultural, historical, artistical, and anthropological values

Town: Santo Stefano di Sessanio

Flower's Museum - Barisciano

A voyage through nature

The structure is a hot spot for high schools and university students looking to discover the Apennine flora and, more specifically, the ecosystems and the vegetal landscapes of the protected area, enlightening the extraordinary biodiversity of the territory.

Town: Barisciano

The stronghold and the church of Santa Maria della Pietą

Town: Calascio

Talia Theatre

Town: Tagliacozzo

Church of Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta

Town: Magliano de' Marsi

Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the oratory of San Pellegrino

Town: Caporciano

The Abbey of San Pietro ad Oratorium - Capestrano

A national monument since 1902

A Benedictine abbey in a strategic place, near two important communication channels

Town: Capestrano

Piccolomini Capestrano - Capestrano

One of the most visited castles of the whole region

In the past, it was used to control and defend the territory, and it is also a symbol of the transhumance

Town: Capestrano