Slow Food
Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo

Abruzzi Apennines' honey

An excellent honey created by the rich biodiversity of the local flora

Abruzzi region boasts a long beekeeping tradition that gave us some truly unique honeys

Campotosto's Mortadella

A typical product with a 500-year long tradition

Commonly known as "Coglioni di mulo" (Mule's Balls), are handmade using pork

Town: Campotosto

L'Aquila's Saffron

The red gold: a spice that originated in Asia, but became famous thanks to L'Aquila and Navelli

Town: Navelli

Navelli's chickpeas

Small, cream-colored, smooth chickpeas

Chickpeas have played a critical role in the economy, history, and existence of this community

Town: Navelli

Paganica's beans

White or cream, is always excellent

Until a few decades ago it was an important production, which found a commercial outlet on the local market but also in the neighboring provinces. Its production has dropped dramatically, because it requires a lot of manpower. A small but motivated group of young producers believes today in its rebirth.

Town: L'Aquila

Solina's Wheat

A local variety of soft wheat

Solina's wheat is one the traditional agricultural products of Abruzzo

Town: L'Aquila

The Turquoise Potato

An excellent product

The turquoise potato is brightly purple outside and candidly white inside. Its shape is irregular