Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo



The history of Collepietro dates back to Hugh of Italy and his coronation in 926. The territory is located in a dominant position between the Tirino Valley and the plain of Navelli, and it represent an entryway toward the Majella and Campo Imperatore.

The hamlet developed mostly during the Middle Age. Today it is still possible to see the signs of an original fortified structure, with the many towers and narrow alleys that lead to the main square.

Tourists are attracted by the peace and wellbeing offered by the town, especially thanks to the extraordinary view over the plain of Navelli and the Peligna Valley, with its many almond trees that during the flowering period, create a colorful, gorgeous landscape.


Collepietro overlooks the territory between the Tirino Valley and the plain of Navelli

Dove siamo

Inhabitants: 226
Area: 15,21 km²
Altitude: 849 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Mauro Colangeli
Zip code: 67020
Area code: 0862
Address: Via Roma, 7
Phone: 0862-955136