Goriano Sicoli
Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo

Goriano Sicoli


Goriano Sicoli is located on a hill about 720 mts above sea level that overlooks the Subequana valley. You can still see the traces of a distant past, like circular tombs dating back to the Iron Age or the remain of the mansio statulae.

It is easy to recognize the medieval origin of the town from the urban scheme, with a bell tower and a small church right in the center of the town. Some of the houses are on the slope of the hill and surrounded by the remains of the walls.

Around the town you can visit the public forest “I Ceri”, with an extension of 5 square kms.

The entrance to the town is characterized by three majestic gates with gothic arcs: Bagliucci gate, Baracca gate, and Murro gate. Inside the church of S. Maria Nuova you will find a wooden cross from the 15th century. Be sure to visit as well the church of San Francesco, the sanctuary of San Gemma and the monumental fountain built in 1888.

Goriano Sicoli

The bell tower of the town is easily spotted from afar

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Inhabitants: 513
Area: 20,24 km
Altitude: 720 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Rodolfo Marganelli
Zip code: 67030
Area code: 0864
Address: Piazza della Repubblica, n. 14
Phone: 39 0864 720003