Molina Aterno
Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo

Molina Aterno


Molina Aterno is located in the scenary of the gorges of San Venanzio, characterized by a barren yet majestic environment. The town was founded by the Peligni and Vestini populations.

The name comes from the Latin “Molina” and means “mill”, as there are many scattered around the aerea. During the Middle Age, the town was located in a strategic position, as it was the entrance to the Subequana Valley, and this greatly contributed to its development.

On the right of the Aterno River you will find the medieval castle, later Piccolomini Palace, overlooking a large square. Other places worth a mention are the church of San Nicola and that of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Be sure to also visit the cave of Vellerendola, not too distant from the city center.

Molina Aterno

The town is surrounded by the magnificent gorges of San Venanzio

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Inhabitants: 378
Area: 12,21 km²
Altitude: 512 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Luigi Fasciani
Zip code: 67020
Area code: 0864
Address: Via colle 1
Phone: 0864 79141