Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo



Secinaro is located inside the regional park of Sirente-Velino. It is surrounded by mountains, among which there is there are the “Abruzzo’s Dolomites”. The town has 327 residents, and it is part of the mountain community of Sirente.

The territory is characterized by the presence of a “field of craters” created by meteors. The biggest one has a diameter of 140 meters and hosts a lake. This field was created during the Paleolithic.

The Santuario della Consolazione, built on the remains of a temple dedicated to the goddess Pelina, the church of San Nicola, and the medieval tower of the city hall are the main places of interests of the town.


The headquartes of the mountain community of Sirente

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Inhabitants: 327
Area: 33,34 km²
Altitude: 859 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Noemi Silveri
Zip code: 67029
Area code: 0864
Address: Via dell'Aia 22
Phone: 0864 79302