Sky facilities in Campo Felice
Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo

Sky facilities in Campo Felice


The ski facilities in Campo Felice, in the municipality of Rocca di Cambio, are perfect if you love skiing, and they are located in an area surrounded by 2-thousands meters peaks. The town is located in the northern part of the Sirente-Velino upland, today known as the “Altopiano delle Rocche” (Stronghold’s Upland”), formed also by Rocca di Mezzo, Rovere, Ovindoli and Terranera.

The ski resort in Campo Felice presents 15 ski lifts, 24 ski slopes, and 40 square kms of ski area. All the facilities, thanks to the 9 ski lifts, 2 ski tows, 3 ski carpets and 1 conveyor system, can move about 23,00 people every hour.

The ski facilities are some of most advanced of the whole region, and they are perfect also for kids, that here can learn how to ski with ease. The “Fun Kids Area” is the perfect place to have some fun, especially with the “Snow Tubing” park, that presents a 90-meters carpets.

Around the ski facilities you will also find restaurant and refuges where you can taste some typical dishes of the region while enjoying a breathtaking scenery created by the snowy mountains.


Sky facilities in Campo Felice

35 kms of sky slopes for snow lovers

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Address: Strada Statale 696, 67047 Rocca di Cambio AQ
Phone: 0862 914507