Talia Theatre
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Talia Theatre


The cultural center of the town named by Dante in the Divine Comedy. It was built in 1686 in place of a male monastery shut down by pope Innocence X in 1652 and annexed to the more famous female monastery of saints Cosima and Damiano. The stage was originally built in the center of the building, with some seats behind it. Later on, modernization works inverted the positions of the stage and the seating area. 

The theater was opened in 1832, and it was dedicated to king Ferninand II, that visited the city just a month before – and this is way the men with Garibaldi set the theatre on fire. The city restored the theatre between 1887 and 1888 and held a second inauguration.

On October 2nd, 1888, when the town finally got electricity, the theater was inaugurated a second time and dedicated to the muse Talia, that according to the legend lives on the banks of the Imele River. In 2002, the theater was newly restored, and nowadays represents the cultural center of the city.

Talia Theatre

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