Piccolomini Capestrano - Capestrano
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Piccolomini Capestrano - Capestrano


The Piccolomini Castle overlooks the entire town of Capestrano. It is located in the upper part of the town and faces the inhabited center. It represents on of the most interesting and most visited castles of the entire region; and, from the top of its walls, you can admire the Tirino Valley surrounded by the mountains.

The building was built on top of the remains of a medieval fortification – you can still admire the squared tower within the walls. The planimetry of the castle follows a trapezoidal shape, with three circular towers located on the angles.

With the restoration of 1924, an entrance with the emblem of the Piccolomini family was added, the moat was discovered, and the five stone windows were aligned in correspondence with the ground floor.

In the past, the castle was used to control and defend the territory, and it was a symbol of the transhumance and of wool trading. Nowadays, some of its rooms host the municipal offices.

Piccolomini Capestrano - Capestrano

One of the most visited castles of the whole region

Address: Largo Castello, 10, 67022 Capestrano AQ
Phone: 3493955914