Pietrasecca's Caves
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Pietrasecca's Caves


The special natural reserve of the Caves of Pietrasecca is a natural area founded in 1992. It covers about 110 hectares in the Piana del Cavaliere, in the territory of the city of Carsoli. It was the first area created to protect the characteristics of the local territory. It comprises two caves: the Ovito Cave, and the Cave of the Deer.

The first one is at about 806 meters above sea level and presents a 270 meters long entrance, and it is about 20 mts high. The more you walk inside the cave, the narrow it gets, until you reach a wide hall where you will find a lake. Here you will also find a rare community of bats.

The second, instead, is at about 858 meters above sea level and it was discovered by some Roman speleologists that also found some interesting items: 18 Roman coins from the 5th century and several bones belonging to some animals from the Pleistocene.

Here you will also find some peculiar animals like cave crickets and small beetles.

Pietrasecca's Caves

A natural protected area in Pietrasecca

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