Paganica's beans
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Paganica's beans


The cultivation of beans in the Paganica area has a very long tradition, thanks to an environment rich in water and fresh, deep soils that favor their growth. The Paganica ecotype, which takes its name from the hamlet in the municipality of L'Aquila, has two versions, which ripen very slowly and can even reach two meters in height.

The bread bean (also called "oil") is beige tending towards Havana or hazelnut and has a central eye, while the white bean (also called "pea") is ivory white and is slightly more round of the previous .
The former is generally more compact, rustic and sapid, even after cooking, while the white bean tends to have a less firm skin and a buttery and tender inner part.

Rich in nutrients, they can be cooked on their own, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and are excellent for preparing soups.




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Paganica's beans

White or cream, is always excellent

Production area

Frazioni di Paganica, Tempera, San Gregorio, Bazzano e Onna, nel Comune di L'Aquila.


Sow in late spring and harvest in autumn.


Antonello Angelini
Via Luigi Biondi, 3 F
Paganica (Aq)
Tel. 349 3451746

Emanuele Falerni
Via Paganica, 6
San Gregorio
Paganica (Aq)
Tel. 327 7864032

Matteo Griguoli
Via Arco dei Giusti, 2 B
Paganica (Aq)
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Giuseppe Moro
Via San Giustino
Paganica (Aq)
Tel. 338 1693340

Società Agricola La Simentale
di Antonio Tennina
Via Onna, 11
Paganica (Aq)
Tel. 389 0812524