Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo



On a mountain shadowed by Mount Velino you will find Rosciolo de’ Marsi, a small town with 400 souls mentioned by historian Muzio Febonio in his Historiae marsorum. The town is known for its church, Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta, built during the 11th century and that, thanks to its high artistic value, during the last century became a national monument.

Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta its truly one of kind in the whole Abruzzo region. Classified as a rural church, it is located at the foot of Mount Velino and is surrounded by a spot of immaculate nature. Nowadays, you can still admire the pronaos, the door of the church.

Upon entering, you will be stricken by the white color of its walls and by the apse, still white after all these years. You will find a well-preserved ciborium, as well as some frescos and the ambo decorated with historical figures. Up until a few years ago, to visit the church you just needed to call Costanza, an old sacristan. Today, if you wish to visit the church, you need to contact the caretake Marco Marini (+39 366 590 2125).

Rosciolo’s town is located just a few miles away from the church. The medieval hamlet is well-preserved, and, in recent years, many organizations and private individuals worked to give it a new life. Walking through its streets, you can admire the church of Santa Marie delle Grazie – preserved also thanks to the locals’ efforts – dating back to 11th century.

There are many peculiar alleys that will leave you in awe. Other must-visit spots are the churches of San Sebastiano and San Barnaba, located between the town and Velino’s foot. Every year, the Pro Loco and other associations organize eno-gastronomical events aimed to rediscover the territory’s traditions.  


Per visitare Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta
Address: Rosciolo de' Marsi
Phone: 366.5902125