Sinizzo Lake
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Sinizzo Lake


A small lake inside the hearth of San Demetrio ne’ Vestini. Along with the lakes of Vagno and Vetoio, it represents one of the principal bodies of water in the Aterno Valley. With willows mirroring themselves on the transparent surface of the lake and the woods changing color according to the season, the Sinizzo Lake is a small treasure.

Many tourists stop here to have a picnic and enjoy nature. The lake, with its round shape, is of kart origin and is fed by two springs of potable water where you can take a swim. One of these springs gives the name to the lake.

After 2009 earthquake that struck the area of L’Aquila, the lake suffered multiple damages along the banks: you can still notice the cracks that led many experts to fear of its disappearance.

However, after the earthquake, the consolidations work gave the lake a new life, a new hope, and many tourists come here during the weekend to fish.

Sinizzo Lake

A body of water in the Aterno Valley

Address: 67028 San Demetrio Ne' Vestini AQ