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Visual arts, performance, photography, and architecture. The MAXXI L’Aquila is a place where all these realities can express themselves and converse with each other. The National Museum of 21st Century Arts is a place where projects and educational activities regarding the art, culture, and social areas marry each other to give life to an uninterrupted exchange of wealth and energy with the territory. A true national institution for contemporary creativity. Here you will find the collaboration between diverse expressive languages that spans from the contemporary era to subjects working in the artistical-scientific system. The MAXXI hosts exhibitions, events, and training courses aimed to investigate different themes and professions. The mission is thus to highlight the best talents of national and international creativity. The museum is located inside Palazzo Andirghelli, a Baroque building designed between 1732 and 1743 whose architecture is characterized by the façade and the garden from which starts the monumental staircase frescoed by Damini in 1749. After the damages inflicted by 2009 earthquake, the Mibact has renovated the palace using fundings granted by the Russian government.


National Museums of 21st Century Arts

Address: Piazza Santa Maria Paganica, 15 - 67100 L'Aquila AQ
Phone: 0862 414083
Mobile phone: 800266300