Flower's Museum - Barisciano
Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo

Flower's Museum - Barisciano


If you wish to take a virtual journey throught the landscapes of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, the Flowers’ Museum is the perfect place for you. It is entirely dedicated to the flora that surrounds the whole territory, focusing especially on botanists’ work – from field researches to safekeeping activities for endangered species. You will have the chance to visit the museum along the researchers of the Centro Ricerche Floristiche dell’Appennino (Apennine’s Floristic Research Center), an entity managed by the University of Camerino. The Museum is a hotspot for schools and universities who want to discover the Apennine flora and, most of all, the ecosystems and the vegetal landscapes of the protected area. You will also visit the herbarium and the botanical garden. The former hosts about 90,000 sample from the Apennine and other spots in the Mediterranean area. The latter, instead, presents about 80 species known for their officinal properties. Inside the museum, the whole journey is filled with sounds, pictures, videos, animations, and instruments that visitor can play with.

Flower's Museum - Barisciano

A voyage through nature

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