Campotosto's Mortadella
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Campotosto's Mortadella


Campotosto’s Mortadella, commonly known as “coglioni di mulo”, is a typical cured meat produced in limited quantities in the town of Campotosto and the surrounding area. It is a product with a 500-year long tradition. It is made of fine-grained pork meat (with pigs bred in the territory of Monti della Laga by local shepherds). It is shaped as an ovoid and, in its center, presents a small bar of lard, making it different from any other type of cured meat. Inside has a pink color, while the central lard is white. The meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, and natural flavours – each recipe is different – and is then aged inside a wooden or steel container. Then a infusion of cloves and cinnamon is added. Each mortadella weighs about 330 grams. The packing is handmade with intestines. Finally, a small shoot is added to the twine.



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Campotosto's Mortadella

A typical product with a 500-year long tradition

Production area

Town of Campotosto, L’Aquila province


Produced during wintertime and aged for at least two months.  

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