Navelli's chickpeas
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Navelli's chickpeas


Chickpeas have been cultivated in Abruzzo since the middle age, especially in the Navelli area. Navelli’s chickpeas are characterized by the small size and smooth, cream-colored surface. There is also a secondo type, smaller and more "rustic", with a red-brown color and wrinkly surface. Chickpeas are cultivated mainly on the uplands and the inner valleys of L’Aquila province. Seeds are planted during springtime on a soil prepared before winter and usually takes place during March waning moon. Seeds keep their vitality for two or more years. The harvesting takes place between July and late August.




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Navelli's chickpeas

Small, cream-colored, smooth chickpeas

Tradition elements

Teodoro Bonanni’s book gives us some data about chickpeas farming during the last century: from 1923 to 1928 there were 32 cultivated acres in the Navelli area. Each acre yielded 1200-1300 kilograms.

Production area

Piana di Navelli (AQ)


Harvested between late July and late August