Abruzzi Apennines' honey
Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo

Abruzzi Apennines' honey


Abruzzo has a long-lasting tradition of honey production. 30% of the territory is occupied by Parks and Natural Reserves, where beekeepers move their apiaries from one protected area to another. It is the local flora biodiversity and the low-environmental impact agricultural activities that makes this honey truly unique. Honey production – made with millefiori, savory, and ironwort – takes place on the mountains of L’Aquila starting from a minimum of 850 mts above sea level. Honey made with savory and ironwort are both monofloral honey produced with the most typical essences of Gran Sasso, monti della Laga and Sirente Velino. The two flowers are part of the Labiatae family and grow on barren meadows and calacareous soils. Ironwort blooms from May to June, while the savory from July to September. The former is characterized by an amber color and a soft texture. The latter, instead, presents a floral aroma. Millefiori honey, finally, has different characteristics according to the time of the year: delicate and floral during springtime, stronger later during the year.




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Abruzzi Apennines' honey

An excellent honey created by the rich biodiversity of the local flora

Production area

On the mountains around L’Aquila, from 850 mts above sea level. One area is on the Gran Sasso (savory), the other in the Marsican area of the Sirente Velino (ironwort).


Millefiori honey is produced during summertime. The two monofloreal ones bloom one after the other: savory blooms from May to July, ironwort blooms from July to September.