The Turquoise Potato
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The Turquoise Potato


The turquoise potato is a variety of the typical potato found in the Gran Sasso National Park area. It is called ‘turquoise’ because of its exotic origins. It has an ancient history: it arrived in Abruzzo around 1700, and it quickly became a fundamental resource for the territory.

The turquoise potato could be cultivated even at 1600 mts above sea level, and it was easy to preserve it. It is a tuber characterized by a purple peel rich of antioxidants. Inside is pure white. Its shape is irregular.

It also presents a high quantity of dry matter, with a medium texture and graininess. These characteristics make it extremely versatile, suited to many different kinds of cooking methods.

This ancient product once grown on Abruzzo’s mountains has been slowly replaced by more productive products, risking complete extinction.


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The Turquoise Potato

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Production area.

Inner Apennines are inside the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga Park.


Sowing: from March to May. Harvesting: from the beginning of summer till October.

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