Come visit Gran Sasso Velino territory and discover the hearth of Abruzzo



The town is located near the Turano River and is surrounded by Pietrasecca’s natural reserve. In 1000 a.D., both Hungarians and Saracens invaded the land and destroyed the town. After that, the population started slowly organizing, only to be decimated by 1600’s black plague. The town was governed by Orsini family first and Colonna family then.

Carsoli represents the gateway to Abruzzo and is located in the hearth of Piana del Cavaliere. In recent years, it has greatly invested in tourism. Beside the 14th century church of Santa Vittoria, located inside the town, and the historical center and the remains of Orsini’s castle, if you choose to spend a few days here you surely cannot miss Pietrasecca natural grottos.

The grottos are visited every year by thousands of tourists. You can choose to ask a guide to take you inside Ovito and Cervo’s grotto, or to take a stroll – or ride a bike, if you fancy – along one the many natural paths and take part to one of the many naturalistic activities that are periodically organized in the area.

In Tufo – a small district not far away from the city – you will find an open-air museum. Every house, wall, and alley have been painted with graffiti depicting the town’s history. A small treasure that you don’t want to miss.



Explore the magnificient grottos

Dove siamo

Inhabitants: 5 179
Area: 95,8 km²
Altitude: 616 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Veilia Nazzarro
Zip code: 67061
Area code: 0863
Address: 0863.9081